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Let’s be honest. There are such countless bag packs available nowadays that it is really very difficult to figure out them all but mPac Tactical Backpack is a Complete option for you.

The popularity of ultralight hiking has given bag pack producers numerous motivations to make packs that are lighter and lighter. Yet, a large number of these bag packs penance strength to diminish their general base weight.

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A few of us, in any case, need a bag pack that will withstand the afflictions of our favorite activities.

On the off chance that you need a tough pack for chasing, climbing, hiking, outdoors, voyaging, or strategic use, you ought to consider the sturdy and very reasonable mPac Military Tactical Bag pack. So in this article, we will cover the technical specs, best features of this tactical bag pack.

If you are in the market for a professionally designed and reliable bag back, this mPac Military Tactical Bag Pack is definitely your best choice. It comes in a good size to carry all your essentials when traveling or spending a weekend hiking and trekking.

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mPac Tactical Backpack Specifications:

In terms of specifications, this bag pack has an overall dimension of 17.7 inches x 13 inches x 11 inches. This bag is basically made up of five separate bags that allow extensive customization of how you organize your accessories.

These bags or compartments are defined as main; middle, front, upper, front lower, and back. Each has its own specific dimensions.

This mPac military Tactical bag pack is made with double-stitched 600- denier high- density, waterproof fabric. This fabric is designed to withstand exposure to heavy rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. All of the bag pack’s zippers are double- stitched and it also includes high-quality POM (polyoxymethylene) buckles.

mPac Tactical Backpack FUNCTIONS:

When it comes to function, one of the best elements of this tactical bag pack is its consistent reconciliation of MOLLE connections.

The pack includes hardcore MOLLE webbing that permits you to connect an assortment of discretionary pockets, embellishments, and measured strategic stuff.

This implies that, despite the fact that the bag pack actually has a conveying limit of 35 liters, you will have the option to extend and redo the capacity to address your issues.

Also, the pack is hydration viable (in spite of the fact that it does not accompany a hydration bladder) and it highlights ventilated lattice cushioning on the back and shoulder ties to keep you cool when you are working in very hot conditions.

It additionally offers an ergonomic hip tie, which assists with appropriating the heaviness of the bag pack uniformly. This permits you to convey heavier burdens for longer periods without encountering unusual exhaustion.

For a 35- liter pack, the mPac is equipped for fitting a wide assortment of stuff. This incorporates, however, is not restricted to, a camping bed, tent, PC or tablet, utility blades, Thermos, spotlight, medical aid unit, multi-instrument, remote radio, coat, and other garments layers, and your water bottle.

Regardless of whether you are searching for a tactical bag pack or a Military bag pack that is extraordinary for road trips or overnighters, the mPac will serve your requirements.


The first thing is that it has what one user referred to as ‘’range’’. At the end of the day, this bag pack can adjust to an assortment of employments.

A similar user announced that the bag pack had a lot of space for ‘’eye security and ear assurance, spare magazines and the entirely of my objectives… loads of extraordinary pockets for the entirely of cleaning supplies too.’’


Durability is one of the most important attributes of a military tactical bag pack. As already described this bag pack is made of double stitched 600- denier.

This fabric has high tensile strength fibers that withstand long-term wear. You can stuff your bag to the stretching point, expose it to the elements, scuff it, scrape it, toss it in your car and move about your world without the fear of damaging it. It is designed to stand up to abuse.

Another identical feature of this bag pack is its militaristic look and feel of it. The appearance of things like MOLLE webbing, Velcro patch zones, and tactical colors like black, desert tan, OD green, and of course, camo are the dead giveaways that you are looking at a best tactical bag pack.


This mPac Military Tactical Bag Pack is ideal for long-distance hiking and hauling plenty of gear to a backcountry campsite. These tactical bag packs are weather-resistant, which features an attached rain fly that you can deploy over the pack for extra defense in inclement weather.


With 35 liters of storage and a covered in the MOLLE webbing, it is a bag built for worst-case scenarios. Its ample storage offers real estate for packing emergency supplies inside and affixing gear to the exterior.

Multiple pockets keep your supplies organized instead of all lumped together, giving you quick access to whatever you need. The shoulder straps are also heavily padded, and the clinching waist strap secures the bag and redistributes its weight so you can travel longer without getting too fatigued.

The back panel can be quickly opened with the Rapid Access pull tab, revealing a Velcro zoned pocket for a holstered handgun plus spare mags. And under that, there is a sleeve that fits a plate of body armor. It is really a bag pack full of hidden talents.


Pros & Cons

  • Easy to carry
  • Has MOLLE webbing system for attaching additional pouches
  • Has superior quality stretchable strap
  • Comfortable design
  • Durable
  • Unisex
  • Provides enough storage to carry essential items you need when traveling
  • Smooth and quiet zippers
  • It’s perfect for a weekend of hiking and trekking but not for those who travel heavily in rugged terrains


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